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Are you yearning for an inspiring learning experience? Our popular FFE Courses help you to draw on your life experience and inner questions as the tool for encouraging change and healing! Our accredited courses can train you to be a Part 1 Guide, Part 2 Advisor and Part 3 certified Practitioner!

Learn about commonly shared life themes and how to support them with our combination essences. Learn about the Mind-Body connection, Energy Bodies and 7 Chakras System for holistic healing, and more!

Go deeper into solo essences! Learn about Findhorn, Bach, Bush and Holy Well Essences. Students will discover Dr Edward Bach’s ‘7 Emotional Groups’ as a classification system for choosing and using essences.

Face to face course in Findhorn preparing students to start their own therapy practice. You will be assessed during consultations and making your own essences to become a certified essence practitioner.