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How do I choose the right essence for me?

It’s ok if you feel unsure what essence to choose, in fact that is a key part of the flower and vibrational essence therapy journey into self-discovery. Plus, the great news is that if you choose the ‘wrong’ one nothing will happen (as you don’t need it) and you can save it for another time or someone else!

Can I choose the wrong essence?

No! Since there are no side effects, there is no danger. If the essence is not relevant then it will simply carry a message that you already know and so it will be ignored.

How do SOLO ESSENCES work?

We offer 49 solo flower essences which all address specific emotional conditions that you may be facing. These work exceptionally well if you are clear about what you need and want. Alternatively you can pick a combination essence which support a more general life issue.


Our combination essences contain the vibrational imprint of several essences combined to address a common issue for example Calm Me Down is intended to help with anxiety.


Another way to work is by supporting your energy body’s chakra centres by balancing the elemental forces within. For example, if you are feeling very ungrounded and like your mind is unfocussed, you may choose Earth to ground, centre and focus.

Do Essences cause reactions or a Healing Crisis?

Since there is no active ingredient in our essences and no foreign chemical substance, there can be no side effect as the only ingredient is water and the preservative you have chosen – either cognac or vegetable glycerine.

Vibrational essences work on the energetic and emotional level, so any physical change is one that the individual elects to make either consciously (spiritually guided) or unconsciously (embodied positive response).

If I take the Elf Cup Lichen single essence for Liberation, or the Calm Me Down blend for Composure – neither can force me to stop feeling trapped or being angry. Rather these essences offer me information that allows me to make a change in my behaviour. 

To that extent essences offer us subtle information which helps our self-awareness, limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns. In other words, if I am resistant to change then no change will unfold.

Are essences suitable for children?

Children naturally respond very well to vibrational essences, perhaps because they are less set in their ways than adults.

Essences can be diluted into children’s drinks as alcohol should not be given directly to the young. Alternatively, you can purchase the essences with vegetable glycerine for children if you prefer. You may drop an essence into water to further dilute.

NB: It is worth remembering that mother and child are still one integrated system in infancy and what mum takes will be transferred to the baby.

How do I treat animals with flower essences?

You can treat your pets in the same way that you treat people. A nervous dog after moving home may respond very well to our single Stonecrop essence or our Rebalance Combination. Similarly, an animal needing strict rhythms may respond well to our Go with The Flow blend to relax in their expectations of timings. 

If you wish to avoid any alcohol with your pet or animal, then it may be best to request our vegetable glycerine option. Larger animals like horses will happily take their essences in the water trough. It is not necessary to use more than a few drops, as it is quality that counts, not quantity.