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About Us

Our Story …. 

Marion began creating the Findhorn Flower Essences as a sole trader in 1993, before later incorporating the Nature Spirits Limited company in February 2000. Since the beginning, our commitment has remained the same: to provide the purest and most potent natural Scottish Essences for the purpose of emotional healing and spiritual wellbeing. 

Marion’s daughter took over the family business in 2019 (after Marion passed away), and Iona continues to follow the methods passed down by her mother with a blend of solarisation, moonlight, indirect, environmental and sound vibration methods. To ensure our essences remain as potent as ever, we amplify Marion’s original mother tinctures annually. 

Our Essences can provide you with the inner energetic support to;

● Build your courage to manifest your dreams through a deeper commitment to yourself and life

● Improve self-esteem and innate intuition through raising your awareness and alignment

● Naturally develop your creativity and spirituality through raising your natural energetic vibration

Meet Marion …. 

Marion Leigh was the creator, founder and total inspiration and driving force behind Findhorn Flower Essences. Marion was born in Berlin, Germany in 1951, raised in Australia from the age of six, and later trained as a homeopath at the Sydney University, before joining the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community in 1992 until she passed in 2019.

After relocating to Scotland with her two young children Mike and Iona, Marion began intuitively making flower essences from plants growing in the stunning landscape of the Moray coastline. Every summer, Marion would travel across to her favourite West Coast of Scotland and holiday with friends on the isle of Erraid and neighbouring holy isle of Iona.

Supported and encouraged by all three founders of the Findhorn Foundation, Marion began working together with, and researching plant consciousness. Thirty years later, Marion’s 49 Flower Essences, 7 Gem Essences, 7 Element Essences and 24 Combination Essences are as popular as ever and continue to bring support and energy to those who choose to be touched by the healing power of flowers, gems and nature’s elements.

Marion’s legacy was passed down to daughter Iona, after she passed away in the Summer of 2019 while teaching a group of Weleda Wellbeing Advisors in her beloved Cullerne House (which has now returned to a circle of trustees in the wider Findhorn Foundation community). Marion’s son, Dr Mike Stoker holds a doctorate in Sport Psychology and works for the British Institute of Sport.

Meet Iona …. 

Iona Housby is the creator, founder and musical channel behind ‘Essences by Iona‘. Iona was born in Sydney, Australia but moved to the village of Findhorn at the age of eight where she grew up playing in nature beside the beautiful Findhorn bay and beach.

As a teenager, Iona helped her mother gather holy well water from local sources such as the Hopeman Bramou Well and Universal Hall well, before solarising essences in the original Findhorn Garden. In those early days, all bottling and labelling of the Findhorn Flower Essences happened around the family’s kitchen table. 

In her 20’s, Iona completed a Masters degree in Music and Health (specialising in sound therapy), while writing and recording a set of three self-penned and self-published albums; Spirit, Beside the Waves of Time and Wild by Nature. During these years, Iona returned to Findhorn every summer to enjoy nature, song-writing and teach Essence Courses with Marion at Cullerne House. 

In her 30’s, Iona studied with one of the UK’s leading integrative experts; Dr Rosy Daniel and gained a Diploma Health Creation, leading to an Advanced Practitioner certification in Essence Therapy with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association. Iona opened her own private Essence Therapy practice and began researching with Essences.

Upon turning 40, Iona began making her own Essences By Iona, inspired by her deep interest in crystals, music and moon cycles. Combining her understanding of holistic health and vibrational medicine, Iona teaches internationally as a BFVEA accredited tutor. Iona lives with her husband and three sons in Moray, where she loves making essences and teaching in her beloved Essence Garden.

Our Team Values …. 

Iona – Managing Director (joined 1992), Mandy – General Manager (joined 2019), Vikki – Production Manager (joined 2020)

Iona continues to uphold the original vision and traditions of Nature Spirits Ltd. The company values were chosen as a team, and mark our ongoing commitment to our original principles of  love, health, hope, integrity and vitality.

Our Essences are preserved in organic cognac, and our products and packaging are made as sustainably as possible. Our team benefits from regular attunements and check ins, to help us stay attuned to the positive energies of the world that we wish to magnify. 

With our deep commitment to creating essences, products and services that promote wellness, we focus on the holistic model which values emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical health as an interdependent and interconnected system.