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Acceptance Combination Essence 30ml drops

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Acceptance Combination Essence provides strength and courage to heal past emotional traumas allowing you to be open to hope and joy.

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Acceptance Combination Essence provides strength and courage to heal past emotional traumas allowing you to be open to hope and joy.

Acceptance can:-

  • heal past sources of suffering
  • result in the user overcoming long-standing negative emotions
  • enable you to move forward with vitality and optimism
  • release burdens and resentment
  • clear deep-seated emotional trauma
  • enable you to forgive the past so that you can embrace hope, joy, strength and courage
  • be effective in supporting the heart chakra associated with love and compassion


Acceptance Combination Essence contains the energetic vibrations of:


Lovingly hand-made in the North of Scotland by our small family team.



An Essence is a blessed energy drink believed to contain the vibratory signature of one or more flowers, gemstones or elements of nature.

A Combination Essence is designed to support commonly shared life issues in relation to the 7 chakras.

Directions: Add 3-7 drops directly onto the tongue. Alternatively add to a glass or bottle of water for sipping. Use as and when you wish to invite this energy into your day.

Ingredients: Water and Organic Cognac (ABV = 12%). This essences is believed to contain the energetic vibration of the flowers listed above. N.B. A Flower Essence is a Fermented Beverage and UK Drink Product.

Store: In a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This products has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of production.

Warning: This is a liquid refreshment for oral consumption. This is not to be used externally on the body or skin.

Suitable for adults, children and animals. Safe to use during pregnancy.

Also available in vegetable glycerine.

Weight 82 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10.5 cm

4 reviews for Acceptance Combination Essence 30ml drops

  1. Sarah

    Acceptance is a beautifully supportive remedy. An unexpected side benefit is it’s helping me with sleep. It’s able to reach in & soothe subconscious parts of you. It’s a great support.

  2. Rose-Marie Mcginn

    This is excellent if taken together with life force to improve energy and manage health conditions. You are tackling the reasons through flower essence for your health conditions. May it help you as it’s helping me.

  3. Anonymous

    After a few days of taking Healing the Cause I felt calmer… emotions had been overloaded after the death of a parent, then severe illness of the other and being the only person to care for her. As I am self employed and run my own business I was finding it hard to cope with everything and fell into a deep malaise/depression that lasted all last year. Taking this essence has had a slow and incredibly profound impact allowing my emotions to be expressed without being overwhelming, allowing me to do what has to be done without throwing my hands up in exasperation and for the first time in three years thinking about a future in a positive way. My mum has noted how I have coped with things without being so angry or dismayed ….. and there have been less periods of black introspection and defeatest attitude. Thank you

  4. Claudi

    “I took the “healing the cause” essence for a period of three months. It felt like the essence was sending out workers who helped to readjust my metabolism and made me feel much better”.

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