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Energy Shield Combination Essence 30ml drops

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Energy Shield Combination Essence is for protecting yourself from energy that may affect you detrimentally whether that be from other people or certain situations.

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Energy Shield Combination Essence is for protecting yourself from energy that may affect you detrimentally whether that be from other people or certain situations.

Energy Shield can:-

  • be effective for very empathetic people who soak up the mood and feelings of others around them
  • reduce vulnerability to other people’s emotions
  • create a shield to preserve your own energy
  • be useful in busy work places
  • foster a sense of inner peace and strengthen inner defences
  • be effective in supporting the solar plexus chakra associated with personality and power


Energy Shield Combination Essence contains the following energetic vibrations:-


Lovingly hand-made in the North of Scotland by our small family team.

Energy Shield Combination Essence is also in our Sacred Energy Shielding Room Mist



An Essence is a blessed energy drink believed to contain the vibratory signature of one or more flowers, gemstones or elements of nature.

A Combination Essence is designed to support commonly shared life issues in relation to the 7 chakras.

Directions: Add 3-7 drops directly onto the tongue. Alternatively add to a glass or bottle of water for sipping. Use as and when you wish to invite this energy into your day.

Ingredients: Water and Organic Cognac (ABV = 12%). This essences is believed to contain the energetic vibration of the flowers, gems and elements listed above. N.B. A Flower Essence is a Fermented Beverage and UK Drink Product.

Store: In a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. This products has a shelf life of 5 years from the date of production.

Warning: This is a liquid refreshment for oral consumption. This is not to be used externally on the body or skin.

Suitable for adults, children and animals. Safe to use during pregnancy.

Also available in vegetable glycerine.

Weight 82 g
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 10.5 cm

4 reviews for Energy Shield Combination Essence 30ml drops

  1. Kim

    Lovely essence, helping me establish boundaries!

  2. Kamal

    This is my 3rd bottle and it is very impressive with the significant shift it creates within the aura and energy field within 2-3 mins of taking the 7 drops l feel a cleansing energy work through my field and body… highly recommended it definitely changes the stagnation immediately and brings a sweeping freshness to the energy field!!

  3. Kay

    This is a very fast acting flower/gem/elemental essence it covers all the bases but it is very grounding.. something as a light worker l have problems with which leads to financial issues within 1 day of using it my energy was more grounded into Mother Earth and my financial situation started to shift.. when we bring through a lot of energy we can very easily become ungrounded or unbalanced with more high vibrational energy and not enough Earth energy which causes problems in the material world.. this is highly recommended after 10 days l now use just once a day !

  4. Valerie

    I have tried the Energy Shield and found it very good. It enforced my protection when working.
    It would be handy for a few of my clients who try hard to stay grounded let alone protected.

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