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At Nature Spirits Scotland, we believe in the transformative power of nature to nurture our hearts and souls. This month, we’re focusing on strengthening our defences and releasing our fears at this time of year, we can experience changes in weather temperatures and our environment, that can impacts our ‘inner nature’.

Feel good whatever the season

This essence helps when you want to  
+ be patient and stay calm in adverse conditions
+ build up tolerance and strengthen your defences
+ emotionally / spiritually resilient and adaptable  

This essence helps when you feel  
– adversely affected by seasonal change
– intolerance aggravated by environment
– discomfort, congestion and inner irritation  

Seasonal Affections Essence can help you:
* find internal emotional balance
* increase emotional resilience
* strengthen your inner defences

    Let Go of Fear and Embrace Liberation

    Holding onto fear or phobias can be exhausting and limit our daily life. Elf Cup Lichen Flower Essence helps you to release destructive emotions and welcome acceptance. This essence is ideal for anyone with suppressed fears.

    Elf Cup Flower Essence can:

    • clear the habit of masking negative feelings
    • encourage self-acceptance and liberation
    • create space for growth and inner change