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Posted by Iona Leigh on 9th Jan 2023

Findhorn Essences for New Beginnings

Entering a new year often throws up the idea of ‘starting over’ as well as letting go of that which no longer serves. Sometimes we notice a pattern of behaviour or a negative mindset that been holding us back. Other times, it can be our emotional landscape that needs more noticing and nurturing.

I invite you to ask yourself – Is there anything currently holding me back from living a happy and healthy life right now?

The tradition of ‘new year resolutions’ also brings up the idea of ‘turning over a new leaf’ and surrendering, in order to overcome any patterns of dependence and / or addictions.

This can show up in our lives as particular attachments to routines, people or even types of settings and places. Habits can become dependable.

Sometimes, life can feel challenging and even overwhelming, that we use people and not things to help us cope. These kinds of relationships never end well.

Other times, we become reliant on things as a ‘pick me up’ and this can lead to various forms of dependency and / or addiction.

One of my greatest teachers, Dr Rosy Daniel (a holistic medical practitioner) taught me that we all have a predisposition towards a certain substance, behaviour or dependency because of both our nature and nurture aspects.

For me personally, this has always been food. When I’m happy I enjoy it, when I’m sad it brings comfort. Knowing this, allows me to be aware of when I may over-eat in response to pain, stress or any kind of emotional / mental overwhelm.

As well as highly celebratory and joyful times (such as winning an award recently) , which can also lead to ‘treating’ myself with food.

Perhaps there is a tendency you lean towards in your ups and downs? Below I’ll list some essences which can support you with the themes of; letting go, manifesting and limiting beliefs.

As you know, we love to give you special offers and this month we have the three specials for you, in line with our New Year theme – for just £9.99 each (~usually £11.50 each).

Prosperity Combination Essences is made with the energetic vibration of Bell Heather, Cabbage, Elder, Harebell, Laurel, Rose Alba and Sea Rocket. In Marion’s Handbook she states; Prosperity can help foster a sense of inner security and faith in yourself, and to align with the source of universal, limitless supply to manifest your dreams and goals.”

Acceptance Combination Essence is made with the energetic vibration of Ancient Yew, Elf Cup Lichen, Gorse, Monkey Flower, Rowan, Snowdrop, Sycamore, and Watercress. In Marion’s Handbook she states; Deep-seated or long-standing negative emotions hinder the ability to get well. Acceptance can help you to take charge of your own health, surrender obstacles to wholeness and wellbeing, and heal the past and sources of suffering.

Transformation Combination Essences contains the energetic vibration of Apple, Grass of Parnassus, Globethistle, Iona Pennywort, Sea Pink, Stonecrop and Watercress. In Marion’s Handbook she states; “Transformation can help to harmonise seemingly opposing parts of you, cultivate your inner strength to persevere and stay on course, and help you to willingly make sacrifices that serve your highest good.”